What we offer

ART DRU has 15 years of experience in the Albanian and Italian markets, in the wood processing industry. We offer a wide range of services including: tables, doors, shelves, stairs, roofs, wooden houses.

Wooden tables

We offer you a variety of models of wooden tables, depending on the function, such as: living room tables, dining tables, for restaurants, for the veranda, etc.

Wooden roofs

We make wooden roofs for private houses or for your business, wooden awnings for balconies or house yards, wooden coverings for the roofs of bars, etc.

Wooden houses

We work on strong and durable structures such as wooden houses, wooden cabins, wooden structures for outdoor kitchens, wooden nests for pigeons, gazebos for gardens or restaurants, etc.


Other wooden works we offer are: benches, shelves, flower pots, meat holders, bar counters, toilet furniture, beds, internal or external stairs, wooden doors, etc.

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About us

ART DRU offers decorative and professional woodwork for furnishing the environment where you live or your business. We work with a variety of models and special attention to detail and in the processing and choice of colors, giving importance to decorative motifs and resistance.

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